Master of Whiskey (WM)

The Master of Whiskey™ course & exam completes the last step towards the highest level of whiskey expertise in the world, and is awarded only after detailed examination of theory and practical knowledge in the world of Scotch, Bourbon and other global whiskeys.

All master-level examinations are in-person and on-site in Lexington, Kentucky, or Inverness, Scotland.

Candidates may choose the spelling “Master of Whiskey” or “Master of Whisky” for their diploma print, in acknowledgement of the various regional spelling preferences.

Master-level study programs will be open starting in 2020 (Level III) and 2021 (Level IV). For the first two years of the program, exam panels will be overseen by Keepers and Masters of the Quaich, who have earned significant honors in the world of Scotch. Once the first ten Masters of Scotch have been certified, they will join the Council of Whiskey Masters and lead subsequent examinations.

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